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Why don't you write an article on (blah blah blah)?

Well, MESS is a contributor-based publication, meaning that 65 - 75% of the content you read is submitted by readers. We count on cyclists and bicycle enthusiasts to fill out the site. There are loads of bicycle-related sites on the web, but we want to be different. We want to focus on the people, and on the culture of urban cycling. We're interested in the riders, not just the bikes. We continually accept submissions, so if you want to see an article, just write it for us. If we like it we'll run it. Please, however, remember that all submissions are subject to editorial review, and we will not run any edited work without your consent and approval first.

What sort of stuff are you looking for?
We cover urban cycling, and all things that go with it. This means we cover alleycat races, safety issues, labor issues (in the messenger community). we want to hear about mutant bike gangs, and BMX crews. We want travel stories, provided they're not excessively long. We want scene reports. We want pieces about things that affect you in your daily ride. We accept guest columns, but we're quite picky about those. We expect all articles to be well-researched, well-written, and from a perspective not normally found in other magazines/websites. Research must include more than one source. Additionally, this is not a zine. We don't want an ode to your bicycle. We really want photographs and video footage, but we don't want sappy shots of your fixie conversion by the waterfront. We're primarily interested in action shots. The more dynamic, the better. In lieu of that, photo essays are very welcome.

Scene reports are your best and easiest way to get published. Be as thorough as possible. Include information about all cycling-related events, bike shops, record stores, bands, DIY show spaces, and other things that might interest readers. If someone in your town builds frames, makes bags or clothing, or makes great bicycle-related art, WRITE ABOUT IT! Be sure to include as many photographs and graphics as possible.

How about interviews?
For interviews, we look for pieces that show us something about the person/band/club etc. Asking about tour stories, favorite foods, or what gear ratio they ride are not good ways of peering into someone's inner workings. Listening to them and having a real conversation is a much better way to get a great interview. If you walk up to someone with fifteen questions scrawled down, ask them in order and then walk away, the interview you get is going to really suck. Don't have questions as much as directions you want to go in, let the conversation evolve naturally, acting less like an interviewer than as a traffic cop, gently guiding the ebb and flow of the conversation. Christ, I sound like a hippie, who's got the bong?

How do I submit something?
Email to This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it . We will have a PO box soon. You will then be able to snail-mail big stuff to us. If you need to mail something, get in contact and we'll work something out.

What happens to submissions:

Authors maintain control of their words, artists maintain control of the photos/paintings/music/etc... It's their choice whether or not to exclusively publish with MESS magazine. We would rather not publish something that's been posted all across the web first, this is journalism people. Any article that is MESS-specific can potentially be published in our theoretic print edition. Authors chosen for print publication will likely be compensated in some way, shape, or form at some point in the future. We'll have to iron out the detail as this shit starts coming together.

Special note about video submissions: we will not host, publish, or release video material that exists elsewhere on the web or dvd. If your video is awesome and you would like to see it released globally, maybe we can work something out. We don't have money to pay you yet, but sometimes exposure is it's own reward.

All material will undergo review by our editorial staff. We reserve the right to edit content. Changes may be made (but not limited) to spelling, grammar, or style. After editing your work will be returned for review. We will not publish your work without consent.

This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it

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