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American Pop Track Culture Sprints to Catch J-POP
Written by Whitesnake   

Perhaps the most hilarious part of this video is that I rode and walked through them shooting the scene on the LES -- Since I wear a red jacket the camera guy actually accidentally filmed me for a second as I rode down Stanton a couple of weeks ago. Then he got really upset I was riding through his shot.

Art imitating life interrupting art irritating life annoying art.


Why did I call that art?

New York is full of obstacles. It seems that ending up in the occasional photo, book, magazine, newspaper, deck of cards, sponsorship, website, t -shirts, and the occasional messenger center is inevitable. We're just really all that attractive.

Happy New Year Everybody.

Lets see the B-Roll.

If you don't know what I'm talking about with the J-Pop. Refresh your memory here.


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