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XX Days Photo Essay
Written by Whitesnake   

"Krieg" is german for "war."


At the entrance to the stadium, we played around on this gold-sprint video game that involved free wheels on a virtual track. Sloppy, but fun. I later found out it was supposed to cost $30 per ride.


I asked Sarah from San Francisco what Luk's necklace (made out of a giant cookie) translated into english. She told me it was swiss-german for "I want to watch you have sex with my girlfriend."

The San Franciscans proved an excellent resource for language skills all weekend long. Both Sarah and Janky James have been living in London, and becoming more and more multilingual by the moment.

James helped me translate German, Swiss German, French, Finnish, and the most difficult British English into American English (albeit Virginian-English). I was later informed that Luk's cookie actually translated to "Grandpa is the best"


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