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Specialized Replaces Need For Boutique Stores
Written by Whitesnake   
You NEED a bike that demonstrates your good style, taste, and sensibility. You just don't want to spend a fortune on something you will likely crash into the back of a pick up truck and sell on ebay next month. Specialized wants to help you.

This year there are several "city" edition Langsters. Obviously listening to the market's chief complaint, "they're really ugly" Specialized is releasing 6 versions of the Langster -- standard, Seattle, New York, London, Chicago, and Boston.


The Boston edition has some fascist iron cross nazi eagle thing on the top tube, but no fenders. Have they ever been to Boston?

The Chicago version (not pictured, but you can check it out at is also black, also lacking fenders but has bull horns and a simple silhouette of the city skyline.


New York City bike messengers will recognize this as Shawn's bike that got stolen a couple of years ago. Shawn has the distinction of having the same bike stolen twice. Once by a bike thief, and once by a designer at a big bike company. Straight bars are New York City cycling!


The Seattle edition is green. It has full fenders, and a cup holder. These should come standard on all the Langsters. It's not built as a racer, it's a commuter or a work bike. These would be nice features for any bike sold for these purposes. Especially if you don't like green.

The lack of the San Francisco model is palpable. Maybe 2009 will be the year Specialized can create a mass market for time trial frames with a 24" front wheel and handlebars you can do a full bar spin with.

Or the year that Specialized creates a mass market $740 NJS-approved keirin bike for the Tokyo edition.

Or any bike that comes with a pint of whiskey.

Their website mentions no plan to include a matching cycling hat in this years edition. A mistake that should not be repeated!

By polishing a turd, Specialized has created some clever extra shiny polished turds. Just like the one you ride already. If you spend more money that this on your first track bike, you are spending too much. It's better to learn on something disposable. You'll feel better when you destroy it. By that day, you'll probably have learned a lot about cycling, like whether or not you should be a riding a fixed gear with no brakes. Or if a $2500 bike with no brakes is really a great idea for bombing around town wasted drunk with children and old ladies in the road.

Your bike comes with brakes for a reason. Learn how to make it stop before you ride around town.

also: always wear a helmet.


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