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M.A.S.H. Premiere
Written by BillDozer   

In all honesty, I originally wanted to call this review "M.E.H.". It's not that the movie was boring. it's breathtakingly well shot. In fact, the cinematography is by far the strongest aspect of this film. Not one second of helmet cam footage. Most of the shooting was done by following the riders on a scooter or, even more amazingly, on skateboard. The editing is totally professional, and the colors in certain shots are just washed out enough to create an almost nostalgic feeling. I really hope that the inevitable slew of aspiring fixie-filmographers take their cues from this, and up the level of quality and professionalism in movie making.

But that's not what you want to read about, is it? You want to read about how sick the riding was, brah. Well, it did inspire me. It inspired me to go get a mountain bike,

or a beach cruiser,

or a car.

Honestly i'm not that impressed over all. Granted, you all know that I side with the BikeSnob when it comes to nexus of "fixed gear freestyle" bikes and hipsters being the most noxious and loathsome creature on two wheels. (honestly, i'd even take a portland bike hippie over another douchebag with an angular haircut peeking out from under a flat-billed hat. barf.) But here goes: I live in New York. I've been a messenger for six years. Watching some kid on a fashion bike with no bag bomb through minimal traffic buzzing pedestrians and generally riding like a jackass doesn't impress me in the slightest bit. Certain segments of hill-bombing, like Massan on Broderick Street, really did impress me, though. And, i'm totally into wallrides. but i felt the movie could have, and perhaps should have been cut down substantially for substance. When I lived in Portland, we would occasionally and drunkenly poach burnside late in the evening. That's just a little idea for Gabe and Mike to get cracking on.

Mostly, I was happy to see the segments of old friends like Travis Poh, Rob Murder, Dustin Klein, and Jimmy James Newmann get some recognition. And then there's Richie. Richie has been a staple of the SF messenger scene for years. I remember the first time I met him in Portland, and was immediately impressed by his confidence and friendly demeanor. Representing Lo-Fi Customs and the original Cutters crew, this dude was the first person i ever saw blowing crazy skids, wheelies, and flatland tricks. All of you owe this entire scene to him. Total respect.

All in all, I hope this film does positive things for cycling. I hope it gets people excited about riding bikes, supporting their local scene, and getting creative both on the bike and off. I really fear, however, that it's going to get more lame-asses riding through the city like jerks and making us all look bad. Here's to hoping...

***editorial addendum***

One loud complaint I WILL make is that there were no god damn women in this film. What gives? There are certainly strong, accomplished women on fixed gears in San Francisco, many of whom are friends of mine. Why, then, were none of them featured in this highly awaited and almost eternally delayed movie? It really gets my ire up that fixie freestyle is just another boys club. And it adds to my assumption that it's all just homoeroticism. At least have the decency to give each other reacharounds, brahs.

back in the day
Written by seng on 2007-11-11 13:26:35
Maybe it was just my scene, but wasn't freestyle skateboarding something you did occasionally when you didn't have curb or ramp but you really didn't tell your friends about? 
I saw some hipster kid doing excessively-sideways skids down a
yo nyc!!
Written by crazyfixie on 2007-12-27 21:11:53
wow, thanks for the super-kind words....i feel honored!!!! 
i was skeptical about doing this video at first, but they hooked it up pretty good i'd say. i really wanted to kick down some knowledge, so that it wasn't just another fixie-glam movie. also repin the messenger community (see thank you's in the credits) so that people see were there scene came from. 
i also asked why there wasn't any women in the movie too. it's not because they did not ask for them to be in's because no women voluntered!! i think that the "boys club" would have been alot better with women in it as well. i was giving reach-arounds to all the brahs while i was in tokyo....guess you just had to be there...;-) 

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